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International Webinar








Africa’s Global Engagement: Opportunities and Challenges




organised by



The Centre for Gender and Africa Studies, University of the Free State



Centre for African Studies, School of International Studies (SIS), JNU




African Studies Association of India (ASA India)




Date: 27 and 28 February 2024





27 Feb (Day1) 8:30 AM (South Africa Time) / 12:00 PM (Indian Standard Time)



28 Feb (Day2) 5:30 AM (South Africa Time) / 9:00 AM (Indian Standard Time)






In the desperate quest for the continent’s resources – whether Nigeria’s oil, Mozambique’s gas, the Congo’s coltan or Zimbabwe’s lithium, a new scramble for Africa is in the making. Moreover, in a world wracked by conflict, protagonists seek to court support in Africa. The number of actors and their attempts to influence Africans have increased astronomically and include former colonial powers, the US, the EU, China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and the UAE. The areas where cooperation is sought with African partners include issues of climate change, maritime security, the energy sector, digital governance, gender and perhaps the most important – the defence sector. Now, more than ever, there is a desperate need to understand Africa’s international engagements. This has been given added impetus on account of African states’ membership and engagements with BRICS Plus and the G-20. In addition, given the shifting power dynamics globally, what does the phrase “Global South” mean? More to the point, where is African agency in all this international collaboration?

In an effort to answer these pressing questions, the Centre for Gender and Africa Studies at the University of the Free State in South Africa, the Centre for African Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in India and the African Studies Association of India are co-hosting this international webinar on Africa’s Global Engagements: Opportunities and Challenges. It brings together scholars and policy-makers from diverse backgrounds and diverse disciplines in an effort to holistically understand Africa’s place in the fast-changing global international order


PROGRAMME: DAY1 (27 FEBRUARY 2024)​​​​​​



Inaugural Session

Prof Ajay Dubey, Professor, CAS, JNU & President ASA India

Prof Vasu Reddy, Deputy Vice- Chancellor, UFS (South Africa)

Prof Hussein Solomon, CGAS, UFS, South Africa

Prof JM Moosa, Professor & Chairperson, CAS, SIS, JNU





Theme: Setting the Scene: Theoretical, Conceptual and Overview for Africa’s Global Engagement

Chair: Prof Hussein Solomon, CGAS, UFS


Speaker 1 Grinin and Grinin: Africa, the Continent of the Future: Challenges and Opportunities of Global Engagement

Speaker 2 General Eeben Barlow: Is Africa’s Global Engagement at a Crossroad?

Speaker 3 Dauda Abubakar: Coloniality and the Aftermath of Empire: Rethinking Africa’s Global Engagement

Speaker 4 Bijay Pratihari: Africa and the New World Order

Speaker 5 Peter Vale: Africa Alive Corridors: Exploring Earth Stewardship by reimagining Africa and its place in the world





Theme: On Perspectives, Agency and Autonomy

Chair: Prof JM Moosa, CAS, JNU

Speaker 1 Marc E. Oosthuizen: Africa and the Global South or The Global Engagement of Africa

Speaker 2 Dare Leke Idowu: Great Power quest for Digital Supremacy in Africa’s Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR): Whither African Agency?

Speaker 3 Adogo and Zondi: Interrogating African Agency in the FOCAC Process

Speaker 4 Kefilwe Rantlhowa and Danisha Fernandez: Redefining African Autonomy in the Global South – Lessons from Niger

Speaker 5 Arslan Chikhaoui: Climate Challenges for Africa and International Engagement









Theme: Africa’s International Engagement

Chair: Prof Ajay Dubey, CAS, JNU


Speaker 1 Mogomme Masoga: The beneficiation of Africa’s Engagement with BRICS – A Southern African Perspective

Speaker 2 Christophe Dorigné -Thomson: Indonesia in, France Out? Contrasted Fates in Africa and the Global South’s rising appeal

Speaker 3 Prof Yaruingam and Saurabh Sharma: Turkey’s Ascendance in Africa: Challenges and Geopolitical Implications

Speaker 4 Jana de Kluiver: China’s Economic Engagement in Africa: A Political Economy Analysis of Global South Dynamics

Speaker 5 Amit and Oluwale – Shared Futures Analysing the International Impact of China-Africa Cooperation

Speaker 6 Judith Anne Lal: India-Africa Engagement: Model for Global South Cooperation and Growth

Speaker 7 Air Commodore, RA Maslekar: Geopolitics of Water Security In Africa

Speaker 8 Dr Swaim Prakash Singh: India-Africa Defence and Security Relations

Speaker 9 Prof Francis Onditi – Africa-India Security Cooperation in the Face of International Competition

Speaker 10 Commander Dr Werner Kwak: Challenge of Oceans Governance and Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean








Theme: India-Africa Relations: Challenges and Opportunities- I

Chair: Dr. Sushmita Rajwar, Associate Professor, CAS, SIS, JNU


Speaker 1 Somvir Gill, Bringing Africa into the Indo-Pacific: An Analysis of India-African Maritime Cooperation

Speaker 2 Anshu Kumar, Navigating Horizons: Unravelling Challenges and Opportunities in India-Africa Relations

Speaker 3 Neha, A Gendered Perspective: Challenges And Opportunities In India And Africa Relation

Speaker 4 Ritika, Navigating Security Challenges: An Analysis of India-Africa Maritime Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region

Speaker 5 Anushka Srivastava, Energizing Tomorrow: Exploring the Potential of India-Africa Partnerships in the Power Sector

Speaker 6 Pratibha Poonia, Forging Futures: Exploring Opportunities in the India-Africa Relationship

Speaker 7 Nitish Chandra Bhanu, Untapped Potentials of India-Africa Relationship: An Analysis

Speaker 8 Baljeet Kumar Singh, India Development Assistance in Mauritius under Modi Era

Speaker 9 Poorvie, India and East African Community (EAC) Countries: Strengthening Economic and Diplomatic Relations

Speaker 10 Rohit, Indian Diaspora’s Influence in the Historical Evolution of India-Tanzania Relations

Speaker 11 Muskaan Khanna, Tech Renaissance: Applying Lessons from India's Digital Revolution to foster African Internet Governance





Theme: India-Africa Relations: Challenges and Opportunities- II

Chair: Prof. J. M. Moosa, Chairperson, CAS, SIS, JNU


Speaker 1 Neha Sinha, Analysing India’s Engagement with Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker 2 Rashmi Rani Anand, Distributed Solar Energy Solutions: Indian Energy Companies can Help Unlock the Potential in Tanzania

Speaker 3 B.K Pandey, Africa and India: Catalysts for a New World Order in the Global South

Speaker 4 Shilpi Ghosh, India-Africa Cooperation: Joint Engagement in Adaption to Climate Change

Speaker 5 Olawari D. J. Egbe,  India-Africa Relations: Opportunities for Further Economic Diplomacy in the Natural Resource Frontier

Speaker 6 Ghazali Bello Abubakar, Indo-Africa Relations In Facing The Unprecedented Challenge Of The 21st Century

Speaker 7 Christian Kayembe, India- Africa Relations: Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker 8 Seshupo Mosala, Indian and South African relations in times of global crisis: A look at African Continental Free Trade Area Implementation

Speaker 9 Michelle Beeslaar, Gender and a Just Energy Transition in India and South Africa: Problems and Possibilities

Speaker 10 Ambrosé Ray Du Plessis, India follows China’s “footprints” in Africa: From Multilateralism to Bilateralism

Speaker 11 Blinkova Zlata, Activities of the IBSA Dialogue Forum as an example of South-South cooperation








Theme: Africa and the Global South

Chair: Dr. Bijay Pratihari, Academy of International Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


Speaker 1 Dhanwati Yadav, OBOR and AAGC: Assessing Opportunities before Africa

Speaker 2 Samir Bhattacharya, South Africa’s Relation with Taiwan and the China Challenge

Speaker 3 Kelvin Benny, Lobito Corridor: How Africa aims to climb up Global Value Chain

Speaker 4 Shreshtha Gupta, Lens on Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Western and Chinese Media Representations in the Global South

Speaker 5 Rimpi Sonowal, Global South and Literary Representation from the African Perspective

Speaker 6 Kirti Singh, Navigating Global Governance: Africa’s Agency Amidst Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker 7 Ioryue Aondowase Dominic, Digital Transformation in Africa: Navigating The Global Technological Landscape





Theme: Africa Engagement through EU and other Sectors

Chair: Dr. Jyoti Tyagi, Deputy Director, MDI and Associate Editor, Diaspora Studies


Speaker 1 Refilwe Mashigo, An Analysis of Africa’s Engagement in EU-led Renewable Energy Initiatives

Speaker 2 Santosh Kumar Singh, African Union in the G-20: Analysing the Role and Challenge

Speaker 3 Suhfree Cletus S., Africa’s Global Engagement: Opportunities And Challenges

Speaker 4 Igor D. Komarov & Maria L. Gorbunova, Global Engagement of Africa: Forming of Security, Prosperity and Sustainability Cluster across the Continent

Speaker 5 Lloyd George Banda, The Moderation Role of Effective Public Policies on the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing: Evidence from Africa and Asia

Speaker 6 Coster Ruzengwe – MANCOSA, Investigating the role of the African diaspora in fostering economic development through remittances




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